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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
  From Emily Townsend
Emily Townsend sent me three ATCs.
Mail Art ATC sent from Emily Townsend to Troy Thomas   Mail Art ATC sent from Emily Townsend to Troy Thomas
Mail Art ATC sent from Emily Townsend to Troy Thomas

A trade I am hosting:

I read that phrase the other day and I just coudn't resist starting a swap based on this - think of yin and yang, white and black, up and down - this is a swap celebrating opposites.
Think of Uma and Oprah and even the ideas that the sounds in those words create - a sort of a marriage of the two - the fact that without the dark, there is no light - that one becomes more itself when you relate it to it's opposite. Enough juice to get you thinking?

This will be a 3 for 3 swap - but you can certainly do more cards if you are inspired and I will return as many as you send. Any medium you like.

Last day to sign up is March 15. Mail by March 30th. U.S. participants, please send an SASE. International participants, I'll cover the return postage (if you have a bit of local ephemera that will fit in the envelope or other small surprise that would be great but not required).

No limit to the number of participants. Here is my address - but please e-mail me also to let me know you are joining - don't forget to include a SASE or your international address in your envelope so I can return your cards. Hope to see lots of you participate and see your great artwork - get creative - think OPPOSITES!

Em Townsend
19 Sapphire Dr
West Windsor, NJ 08550
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My call for ATCs has been closed. You may still send ATCs and I will post them on here, but I may not be able to send any ATCs back to you. All ATCs received and going out will be documented here. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

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