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Thursday, October 27, 2005
  Wilma is gone
Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and concerns during Hurricane Wilma. My area didn't get hit too hard. We were on the top edge of the eye as it hit the southwest coast and went through Florida. We had only minor damage to our property, but some other places around us weren't so lucky. Just around the corner, a framing and art gallery had it's roof collapse in. A few miles down the street, a large roof was blown off of a building and it crushed a nearby trailer. Power lines were down all over the place and many people were without power. The city of Naples and it's surrounding cities and islands were the hardest hit.

There is some other sad news for my girlfriend and me. While I was at work at the TV station, her father (whom we lived with) had a massive heart attack while taking shelter from the storm hours before it hit. The paramedics were not able save him.

Therefore, with personal issues and working overtime, I haven't been able to have much time for mail art. I have some postcards made up that I should be able to get in the mail tomorrow. I have not forgotten about any of you that sent art to me. I just ask for you to be a little patient receiving art in return.

Thanks again for all of your concerns!

~~~~~~ Troy

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